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Jupiter enters Aries April 21, 2023, to May 1 2024

A big shift occurred on April 21 with Jupiter starting a new cycle around the zodiac by entering sidereal Aries. This means a new beginning for all of us. Jupiter now being in a fire sign will trine all other fire signs; Leo and Sagittarius and will aspect Libra by its opposition. All these areas of life (depending on our Ascendant) will be enhanced by Jupiter and given opportunities for growth & expansion. Pay attention to the planets that you may have in sidereal Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, and Libra, look at what houses these planets rule in your chart to get an idea of what blessing or opportunities you may receive from Jupiter. For example, let’s say you have Venus in Leo, and Venus rules your 7th house, this indicates that you could meet a potential life partner during Jupiter’s transit in Aries.

The start of this transit is quite turbulent since Jupiter is still in Gandanta until May 5 (see previous post about this). On top of that Jupiter is combust until April 26, however this is all behind us now and Jupiter regains its strength slowly. Though, with Rahu in Aries this creates what we call Guru Chandal Yoga, which does hinder Jupiter’s energy from April to November 2023.

Both Rahu and Jupiter have the same quality of expanding but in different ways. Jupiter increases the qualities of any house or planet it aspects, while Rahu exaggerates any house and planet it aspects, to the point of obsessiveness leading to illusion. Rahu is a malefic shadow planet that is always hungry and never satiated, hence he is the head of the snake/demon without the body. He is highly materialistic and as such performs perfectly in our modern world. The issue with guru chandal yoga is that Jupiter increase all the malefic qualities in Rahu (which keeps us stuck in the matrix), while Rahu harms the benefic effects of Jupiter by influencing it towards materialistic & superficial goals. This conjunction can be good for prosperity & finances, but we’ll need to be careful and not be blinded by the light (the false light). Cutting corners is a huge quality of Rahu, beware of this.

Now, can Jupiter/Rahu lead one to new spiritual heights and development, yes of course! If we are dedicated to such a path, it absolutely can. This can be a great time for learning and taking astrology and spiritual courses. Whatever planet sits with Rahu needs development & experience. Rahu is not all “bad” and can certainly lead us to Moksha (spiritual liberation). This is not a conjunction to fear, and will bring new opportunities to many of us. Foreign travel is common with this conjunction.

Jupiter rules many things, such as money/wealth, children, marriage, teachers, learning, travel, the divine (God) itself and divine intelligence. We’ll need to be careful who we trust as a teacher/leader, so make sure you are dealing with qualified individuals. Since Rahu rules Artificial Intelligence, a new ruler may spring up who is quite into AI and will lead the masses toward embracing it even more. When I wrote about the Rahu transit in Aries last year, I mentioned how a new AI brain implant will be developed and this is exactly what happened, it was ready for human trial in July 2022. I suspect that with guru chandal yoga in Aries, the sign of innovation, even more advanced AI will be introduced to the world and the word God will be often referred to in the AI context. We’ll have to wait and see.

Another issue with Jupiter/Rahu conjunction is poor judgement and poor decision making leading to problems and mistakes. We really need to comprehend what our motives are during this transit. Remember that Aries is impulsive and with guru chandal yoga here, it can certainly lead to pre-mature actions that can be costly. All that glitters is not gold with this Yoga! We may even misjudge ourselves, and think we are ready for a big change when in fact we are not. Just be cautious, otherwise we live and learn, and move on.

Jupiter in Aries is on the relationship axis (Aries/Libra), it can act in selfish ways especially conjunct Rahu, so be aware of this. Most importantly, we must pay attention to the transits of Mars during all of Jupiter's transit here.

Here are some important dates:

April 21 to June 21:

Jupiter is in Ashwini bringing opportunity for healing and advanced medical healing modalities. Ashwini is ruled by Ketu, hence healing past issues is important now, turning to the divine for guidance and help. Spiritual practices will help. Transportation will see some important issues and disruptions. Mars the ruler of Aries is debilitated in Cancer for the month of June (more on this soon)

June 21 to November 26: Jupiter is in Bharani, the star of restraint. During a portion of this time Jupiter goes retrograde (see date below). This time deals with karma and justice, renewal and creativity. This can be a tough period as Rahu is in gandanta, some major weather conditions could take place, as well as many deaths.

November 27 to February 2: Jupiter is in Aswhini now and alone (with Uranus), it has more strength and its effects are more positive now, jupiter is receiving a postive ascpet from Saturn

Feb 2 to April 16, 2024: Jupiter is speeding through Aries and in Bharani again for a little over 2 weeks.

April 16 to May 1, 2024: Jupiter is in the final nakshatra in Aries, Krittika, during this time it will conjunct Uranus bringing in major truth, revelation and awakenings globally !!

May 17: Pluto square Jupiter at 6 degrees, challenges, and intensity, more on this later.

May 30 to June 3: Jupiter and Rahu are exactly conjunct at 9 degrees of Ashwini. This can give us false confidence and trust in ourselves and others, be careful who you trust. Look at the house that Aries rules for you, according to your Moon sign and ascendant, for more precise details. It can give windfalls of good fortune too!

June 19 to 24: Saturn exact sextile to Jupiter at 13 degrees. This gives us the opportunity to manifest anything, again look at what house Aries rules for you.

September 4 to December 30: Jupiter Stations Retrograde at 21 degrees Bharani, and then Stations Direct at 11 degrees of Ashwini on December 30. (Ruhu is in Gandanta in Ashwini at this time, very intense time for the world and weather).

April 20, 2024 Jupiter conjunct Uranus at 27 degrees, major awakenings will take place, more on this later. Jupiter and Uranus are receiving a supporting sextile from Mars its dispositor!


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