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Full Moon in Gemini 12/26

The full Moon occurs in sidereal Gemini at 10°46 of Vedic star Ardra, on December 26, at 7:33 pm est.


Leading up to the last full Moon of the year, you’ve probably been overthinking, and reconsidering the past, as the ruler of Gemini, Mercury, is retrograde in the opposite sign of Sagittarius at the critical 1-degree Mula. Dissatisfaction has been rising and perhaps you’ve recently made decisions that were long overdue but also painful. Whatever the case, the full Moon in Ardra will clear the path for the new year ahead, but not without stormy weather at the emotional level.


Ardra is ruled by Rudra the lord of the storm and thunder, he is the howling god, and the original form of lord Shiva. Together Ardra and its opposite nakshatra Mula, where the Sun resides, bring about endings & destruction. This is called the shiva axis, where regeneration is brought upon by challenge and deep pain.   


Ardra is depicted by a teardrop signifying sadness, but also by a shining diamond which symbolizes hope and clarity after the storm. This is a time to come to terms with our true emotions and feelings, to let them out in a healthy manner, rather than suppress them. This can be tough with Mars in gandanta in Scorpio at 29 degrees where emotions are intensified and overwhelming. Mercury makes an exact square to Neptune on December 27, and Mars on December 28. There is a lot of deception going on with these aspects. beware who you trust. Honor your gut feeling.

Mars and Mercury will conjoin on the next day on December 27 at 0 degrees of Mula in Sagittarius, this causes arguments, miscommunication, and issues with travel. We may see elevated violence in the world or a new attack of some sort.


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