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Full Moon in Capricorn August 1, 2023

The full Moon occurs on August 1, at 2:30 pm EST. It is in sidereal Capricorn at 15 degrees in the Vedic star called Shravana. This is a supermoon; it is closer to the earth and thus appears bigger than usual. This means it is more intense than usual as well and we may feel more emotional. If you’re feeling restless lately or unable to sleep, this may be due to the powerful energy of the supermoon.

Shravana is the learning star with the cosmic ear as its symbol, dealing with listening, hearing, and knowledge. This is the time to pay attention to our inner voice or intuition. We may receive a divine message, information, or answers to our prayers. Whatever the case, be open to learning new things now. Also be open to what others are saying, not just verbally but at an energetic level as well. Full Moon’s shed light and awareness in our lives. The best thing to do on this day is to quiet the mind and meditate.

Capricorn deals with the material world including economy, the powers that be and the government. There is a big emphasis on world leaders, as the dispositor of the Moon, Saturn Retrograde, opposes 3 planets (Venus R, Mercury, Mars) in the sign of Leo which represents authority and leaders. This causes pressure, fear, and delays. Saturn is exactly opposed Mercury at 11 degrees which can be both beneficial and problematic; on one hand this gives us the opportunity to measure our words more carefully, but on the other hand it can have a censoring effect in the world and with others, it can shut down communication all together. Travel can be affected by this opposition.

With Pluto conjunct the supermoon, major changes are coming in our society and in world governments. At a personal level, we may be pondering important life changes or our place in society. Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn is shaking the foundation of the old establishment and slowly bringing in a new world at all levels, especially financially.


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