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Combust Planets are they useless?

Combust planets are in fact weak, but they are not useless, far from it. And when we work with them properly, they may bless us far beyond our dreams. So, what are combust planets?

A planet becomes combust by being too close to the Sun. Mercury gets combust if it’s within 14 degrees of the Sun, Venus when it’s within 10 degrees, Mars when it’s within17 degrees, Saturn when it’s within 15 degrees, and Jupiter when it’s within 11 degrees.

The rays of the Sun overwhelm and overpower such planets to the point of making them invisible in the sky. Hence, they are "burned" by the Sun and this weakens their innate qualities and significations, as well as the houses they rule. Such planets must submit to the authority of the Sun, as the Sun is the King. One way of doing this is via humility, as combust planets tend to display more ego (lower ego). The Sun is the natural significator of the Soul, or the Atma (natural Atma Karaka), which is our eternal true Self. And so, seeking higher goals or aspirations related to the combust planet is key, instead of seeking selfish or materialistic ends.

For example, a combust Venus will give financial, and relationship/marriage problems. These people often make the wrong choices in their love life. There is an overidentification with the lower qualities of Venus such as overindulgence, being overly sensual or sexual, being too materialistic, and lacking in cooperation and compromise. So, the Key is turning your focus and energy away from these lower qualities, and focusing on the higher qualities of Venus, such as devotional love towards God or your spouse, practicing healthy compromise and cooperation. Once this is done, the natural significations of Venus will appear in your life sooner or later. So, developing the heart chakra will be important, instead of the overuse of the lower chakras.

Someone with a combust Mercury will have the tendency to offend others with their communication style; they may display intellectual arrogance or be too bossy and verbally tactless. The key for them is humility, realizing that communication is a two-way street or an exchange. Also accepting the fact that others may have different opinions, ideas, and knowledge than them is important, and it's okay, not everyone has to agree with you. Under certain chart conditions (with Mars making certain aspects), they will be highly controlling and domineering with their communication. In this case, they make perfect drill instructors/sergeants in the military, but sadly in ordinary life, this causes them problems with spouses, their children and anyone they come across and communicate with.

Now, there is this sacrificial element to combust planets as they are being purified by the rays of the Sun, which isn’t a pleasurable experience. Look at the houses ruled by the combust planet and you’ll see the areas of life that will undergo purification and as such, difficulties. Maybe your 10th lord is combust, meaning you'll have to sacrifice the idea of worldly success or of higher status for something more meaningful but less financially stable, yet when you do this, you actually become wealthy in the end because money wasn't your aim or focus. Or if your 7th lord is combust, your marriage will undergo a deep purification process, you may leave/sacrifice an important relationship that looks good on the outside, but you leave it behind for higher aspirations in life, yet you end up in an even better relationships that is more fulfilling once you seek the higher virtues of that 7th house.

Or let’s say your 9th lord is combust, this means your relationship with your father is sacrificed and is difficult. There is an important purification involving the relationship with your father or maybe higher studies are sacrificed. The remedy is always the same, humility and developing the higher virtues of the 9th lord and house. Combust planets are the result of past life Karma. Such planets have been quite misused, and if we continue misusing them, we’ll continue to suffer. Humility allows the King (Sun) to bless us in due time. Also note what house the Sun is in and develop the qualities of that house as much as possible, focus on this area of life as this is a form of submission to the King and remedy. Again, remember that the true essence of the Sun relates to the soul or Atma, it is pure consciousness, and represents enlightenment. Whatever house you develop must be for higher purposes and reasons.

If your Atma Karaka (the planet with the highest degree in your chart) is combust, this means you are highly spiritual by nature. Your Soul has made a contract of profound purification and refinement in this life. In Hinduism and Christianity alike, it is taught that God resides within, this is why the more combust planets we have in our chart, the more inwards we must look.


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