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Combust Mars (A Look at World Leaders)

Mars is invisible (combust) until January 16, 2024. This is important because Mars is the dispositor of Rahu in Aries (or the ruler of Aries, where Rahu is gandanta and out of control). The conjunction of Mars and the Sun occur every 2 years. The last time was during the first week of October 2021, in the sign of sidereal Virgo, which deals with health. This is when most of the world received the vaccine and booster shots, and along came all the endless vaccine injuries including severe skin rashes, and the multiple cases of myocarditis, which is an inflammation of the heart (Sun and Mars are two fiery planets - the Sun rules the heart), Mars rules sudden death as well. So we see how this conjunction impacted the world for 2 years, which is until now.

Now we enter a new 2 year cycle of Sun-Mars, which began in the sign of Libra, which is the sign of relationships, contracts, treaties, politicians and seeking balance or peace, but the exact conjunction occurs in Scorpio on November 16, at 0 degrees, this is the sign of karmic and faithed events, major crises, war, death, violence, manipulation, important transformation, but also regeneration and uncovering hidden truths, and investigations. Scorpio also rules money, this is an important theme for the next 2 years.

The combustion of Mars increases anger, violence and tension in the world. If your natal Mars has issues (combustion, debilitation, gandanta, or receiving difficult aspects), this may be a trying time where you experience less patience, and are more prone to conflict, be mindful of this. If you have a good Mars in your chart, this transit won’t affect you as much (although we have to consider our entire chart), you can transmute this fiery energy into efficiency and taking care of your physical body, just don’t overdo it, keep it balanced.

Important dates:

· November 13, Mars is conjunct the upcoming New Moon in Libra at almost 27 degrees, when Uranus is exactly opposite, indicative of sudden explosive and violent events in the world. Be prudent around this day while travelling.

· On November 16, Mars and the Sun enter Scorpio and will be at 0 degrees of Vishakha, ("star of purpose" with dual deities, Agni and Indra powerful warriors who destroy darkness), quincunx Rahu in Aries. This is a 6/8 aspect, which is the most difficult aspect in Vedic astrology. Something quite big and unfortunate is most likely to happen on this day or around this day. Be careful around this day especially while travelling. (The chart of Israel has its Sun at 0 degrees of Taurus, hence opposite the Sun-Mars 0 conjunction in Scorpio, which is dangerous on and around this day).

· On November 18, Sun and Mars are at 2 degrees, which is exactly opposite the star Algol in Taurus, this produces significant outbursts of rage and anger. Algol is known for its temper tantrum in its natives and is related to “losing one’s head”. It is said to be the most unfortunate and unstable star of all.

· November 22, Sun square Saturn at 6 degrees. The square in an uncomfortable aspect where we are placed out of our comfort zone. This day can be a tough day in terms of limitations and blockages. Not a good day to start anything new as it will produce frustration, hinderances and closed doors. The Sun rules leaders and so, heightened problems between them are more likely.

· November 24, Mars is square Saturn at 6 degrees. This is an even more frustrating aspect. The timing of Saturn and Mars are at odds with each other, there are blockages that frustrate greatly, as Saturn temporarily blocks the energy Mars.

· If we look at the Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, he has Saturn at 7 degrees of Taurus in his 10th house, which is being squared by Saturn in Aquarius, and opposed by the Sun and Mars in Scorpio. Things are not looking good for him at all. Canadians are tired of him, he's been publically humiliated so many times as of late. Saturn transits his 7th house of relationships and contracts, he is going through a very tough time and experiencing lots of pressure.

· If we skip ahead to December, this is when both the Sun and Mars will conjunct Antares the star of Power and War, which is found around 16 degrees of the Heart of the Scorpion, which is in sidereal Scorpio (the stars are sidereal). This is exactly where Ebrahim Raisi has his natal Mercury (16 degrees of Scorpio), his Rahu is at 16 degrees of Leo, this is explosive, hence it makes a square to the upcoming transit in December, this is highly faithed and could be a time when they attack Israel or perhaps even other countries. He also has his Sun at 29 degrees of Jyestha (Scorpio), which is highly karmic and will get triggered when Mars and Sun traverse this gandanta degree (the Sun on Dec 15, and Mars on Dec 26). Iran has their Saturn at almost 15 degrees Leo, squaring Antares. Also the President of China, XI Jinping, has his Jupiter at 15 degrees Taurus opposite Antares, and his Venus at 15 degrees Aries, quincunx (6/8) Antares. This is such a karmic time in the world and in history.

· The United States chart has the Moon at 7 degrees of Aquarius conjunct transitting Saturn which is a tough time and indicates the peak of sade sate, the most difficult time. Joe Biden has his Ketu at 7 degrees of Aquarius, and his Saturn Retrograde at 16 degrees of Taurus opposite Antares in Scorpio, this doesn’t look good at all. His Uranus is at 9 degrees of Taurus, which will be squared by Saturn around January 9, 2024, this indicates a dissolution or termination of responsibilities.


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