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Aligning with Cosmic Weather

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

One major point to astrology is understanding the cosmic weather. When we align ourselves with it, we can help make things go smoothly in our lives. When we go against the grain of this cosmic weather, we create more difficulties for ourselves in the present and future, it sets off a chain of events of either auspicious or inauspicious situations. This weather gives us the opportunity to plan ahead of time, taking advantage of the beautiful weather, and preparing for the difficult ones.

Some karmas are set in stone and are more difficult to handle, there is nothing much more we can do other than acceptance, and modifying our responses, actions and perceptions.

Another most important point of vedic astrology is generating consciousness (light), this is after all what the word Jyostish indicates. This is the point for our existence, at least one important point of it, to grow in light and consciousness. To evolve. Vedic astrology helps us in this direction. It is written in ancient texts that studying vedic astrology produces divine wisdom in those exploring it truthfully.

Just like we look at weather forecasts before going on a trip, astrology is made for the “trip” that is our incarnation here on earth, and our lives. We are here like passengers at the airport, going from one place to another destination. This physical life is temporary and if we focus only on the material side of it, we are missing the most important factors of existence itself.


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