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Simplified Aspects Course Price 144 USD


To be able to learn about aspects and how to read them, a good foundation is first necessary. This is a great course for beginners, or if you’ve never taken astrology courses before. You’ll learn a great deal with this affordable and simplified version course and gain good knowledge about aspects, planets, signs, houses, and more. Although a lot of information is provided within this course, it is designed to not overwhelm beginners, and offers various reference tables for quick and easy assessment.


I offer a more extensive Aspects Course, which you may take after this one is completed. 

All materials (PDF files, audio files) will be delivered to your email once payment is received.


What’s included in this course:


  • The Vedic Astrology view of the planets, including how karma works

  • All important aspects will be included in written documentation form

  • All planets (including Uranus, Neptune, Pluto) will be described 

  • All signs and houses will be described

  • Audio recordings will be provided with various example charts for you to follow along, we will look at various aspects

  • The Sun and Moon in hard aspects (conjunction, square, opposition) with (Saturn, Mars,  Pluto, Uranus) will be described

  • What I call "the helper aspects" to look out for with example charts

  • A look at how to read aspects between house lords (My main aspects course teaches this in depth)

  • The steps to analyzing and interpretating the aspect

  • A planetary friendship table is provided as well as various other Tables.

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